The most ancient pilgrimage site of Kathmandu Valley.

Cahngu Narayan is one of the most important monuments of Kathmandu Valley, situated 18 km east of Kathmandu city and standing 1541 meters above the sea leave. This monument is significant from artistic, religious, cultural, historical, and archaeological view point. The site is termed with different names such as Dolagiri, Dolparvat, Dolasikhar, Champaknarayan, Champapur, Mahanagar and Changu is famous at present. The lord Vishnu residing in this place is worshipped by the Hindus as Narayan and Buddhist as Hari Hari Hari vahan Lokeshwor. This is one of the seven world heritage sites of Kathmandu Valley, listed on the UNESCO's world heritage site in 1979. The History of this dates back to 3rd century AD. In this period Changu was a metropolis city with 700 houses and was named ''Champapur Mahanagar''. The priests stiff use name in religious pujas.

According to legend Lord Vishnu while fighting with demon king named chanda, killed a Brahman named Sumati. Guru Sukracharya the teacher of the dead Brahman was angry at Vishnu and cursed him that he will be beheaded by a Brahman in the future. After this incident, Vishnu lived I a tree of Champak (michelia) forest and had paid for the curse. In the same time place, the temple of Changu Narayan is standing as an ancient temple of Nepal. It remains a milestone in Nepali temple architecture with rich embossed works. This two storied roof temple is standing in a high plinth of stone. The four entrances of this temple are guarded by life size pairs of animals such as lions, sarabhas, griffins and elephants on each side of entrances. The ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu and the order idols are carved in the struts, which support the roof.