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Published on : February 01, 2019

J.B. Howarth
3 Brow Cottages
I have been trekking in the Nepal Himalaya for over 30 years. 14 years ago I met a young trekking worker called Dhiren who was so obviously good at his job that he soon became my full time guide. Since then his ability has grown as we have trekked together through some of the remotest parts of the Himalaya. Our trips, often lasting 2 or 3 months twice a year have gone spectacularly well, mostly due to his guidance.
Dhiren picks the trekking crew, arranges the transport and takes us through all the varied dealings with the local people through whose land we travel. It is in this last that he particularly excels. His great strength is his ability to get on with absolutely everybody. This smooths our way and brings in all kinds of help and delight from those we meet. We never have porter trouble, striking workers are charmed to let us through, villagers celebrate our coming and with his determination we achieve our goals.
Totally honest, he is, quite simply, the best guide in Nepal.
John Howarth

J.B Howarth, 3 Brow Cottages Kingsley Cheshire WA68EZ